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Nursing Assistant Program

Certified Nursing Assistants are an important part of the health care community. CNAs takes care of the sick and residents recuperating from disease. CNAs work in the following facilities: skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation, medical offices, hospitals and home health care. CNAs work under the supervision of an LVN, RN and physicians. Completing the Nursing Assistant Program can lead to more job opportunities. So, come and enroll in Atrium School Inc! The school provides a small class size to have more in-depth, hands-on teaching strategy. We will help you find the job that makes you satisfied.

Aspiring nursing assistants must complete the mandatory educational requirements set forth by California Department of Public Health. The nurse assistant must complete the required course before they can take the Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation.


  1. 1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. 2. At least 17 years old
  3. 3. Live scan & Complete background check.
  4. 4. Complete Physical Assessment
  5. 5. Complete Immunizations to include Tdap, Hep B and PPD testing.
  6. 6. Medical Insurance
  7. 7. Liability Insurance

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